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Denasa Buildcon : An Introduction

Denasa Buildcon was incorporated in the year 2014. We are a forward thinking, energetic and dynamic construction company. Our philosophy is that all successful projects are founded on the people responsible for the project and our team is dedicated to understanding the client’s business objectives so that they can create buildings that can cater to their needs. Denasa Buildcon is aligned with all the project stakeholders through open communication to ensure we add value and exceed our client’s expectations. We are a growing company with a proven track record in delivering successful projects where all stakeholders would like to work together again. Our collaborative approach and commitment to understanding our client’s key objectives has ensured our new clients become repeat clients. We are committed to continually improve processes and innovate for our partners and our project team focusses on the client goals and provide the most efficient & safe solutions. Our construction capabilities, support and complement requirements in mechanical & structural disciplines. We take challenges head-on and find new ways to deliver value through a collaborative approach. Our clients often transform to be our ambassadors and we rise each day growing steadily with them.


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